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Short Monographs

1998 The Essential Alston, a short monograph, pub. Contemporary Dance Trust, London

1996 Romance...with Footnotes, a short monograph, pub. Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company


Research Reports

2013 Thai Tracings (Report)

2009 Diagramming Movement between Cartography and Choreography (Report)

2006-07 AHRC Small Grant Report

2004-07 Fugitive Moments (Artistic Report : :Technical Reports (Interim Report // FInal Report )

2004-06 global drifts (Interim Report // Final Report )

2003 Sensuous Geographies Report

Dictionary Entries

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PhD. Thesis

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Conference Papers


Performative Paper: “Dancing between the Traditional and the digital” at Contemporising the past: Envisaging the future, WDA Annual Confernece, Centre Nationale de Danse, Nagers France, July 2014


Keynote Paper: Dancing between the Traditional and the Contemporary with Digital Mediaat Global Encounters in South East Asian Performing Arts, Sympoium, Bangkok University, Bangkok,  Feburary 2013


Keynote Paper: "On Choreographic Space" at Spacing Dance(s) - Dancing Space(s); the 10th international Nordic Forum for Dance Research (NOFOD) January 2011, Odense, Denmark (published in NOFOD Proceedings 2011


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Conference Paper: Sensing Sounding Spaces (with Dr Alan Stones: Roehampton University) at SenseWalking Panel, Royal Geographic Society Annual Conference; University of Manchester (e-copy available)


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Conference: Telematic Presentation "global drifts", Interactive interfaces between the Body and Architecture; WISP Macquarie University, Sydney Australia

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Symposium: Presentation: "Fugitive Moments" Transnet: Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada


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Seminar: Lecture"Dancing through Technology".CID Dance Festival 1999, Seoul, Korea

Conference: 1) Presentation of Interactive Installation - Passing Phases; 2) Panel Presenter: The Theoretical Critical-Creative Loop Roundtable International Dance and Technology 99 (IDAT99), Arizona, US

International Symposium: Paper: "The Dialogic relationship between the East and the West in Twentieth Century Modern Dance." Interactive Influence in Dance between East and West, Seoul, Korea CID-UNESCO Published in Proceedings

Conference: Keynote Paper: "Change and Identity" Continents in Movement,  Lisbon, Portugal, Published in  Proceedings

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Conference: Presentation of: Interactive installation Passing Phases (work-in-progress) Split Screen. Chichester Institute of Education. Published in Proceedings


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Conference Paper: "Transforming the Traditional" CORD/Society of Dance History Scholars, New York.
  (Published in CORD/SDHS Proceedings)


Major Articles :Dance Theatre Journal (1980 - 2001)

2001 Action, Reaction, Interaction Vol 17 No 2

1998 Defining Digital Dance Vol 14 No 4

1994 Reconstruction and its Problems Vol 12 No 1

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          Cross Cultural Theatre Vol 10 No 1

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1984 Community Dance: A Growth Industry Vol 2 No 4

(Guest Editor :Dance for Television Issue  [Vol 6 No1] and Sexual Politics 1 Issue [Vol 7 No2] )

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