Sample Websites which either deal with the dialogue between arts and technology directly, or which provide resources for research

for artists working with technology from all disciplines.


• Company in Space Australian Performance Company specializing in telematic performance

• Igloo:Company specializing in interactive performance work

• Richard Lord British artist working with dance in a range of digital media

• Mesh Partnerships (Susan Ouzel and Kirk Wool ford)International company specializing in interactive performance work

• Ohio State University, Dance Dept

• Palindrome Dance Company German company specializing in interactive performance work

• Troika Ranch New York Based Company specializing in interactive performance

• Riverbed, animation artists who worked with Merce Cunningham on Biped and Handrawn Spaces


Papers and Journals

• source of essays on questions concerning the aesthetics of digital technologies

• source of many interesting articles on the implications of digital technologies for society, the arts, etc

• Journal of Art and technology

• Invisible Cultures, an electronic journal for visual studies.

• IBM Research Journals…articles of some interest to those interested in interactive systems.

• Online papers on consciousness and perception.

• Various essays on the history of electronic/electroacoustic music

• Magazine on interactive artwork with feature articles, reviews, links etc

Lists, etc

• Fine Art Forum, addressing issues in the visual arts and technology

• Page for artists using technology — good links page

• Links for electro-acoustic/electronic music

• Art links - general, includes sections on art history, literature, theatre, music and dance

• Dance and Technology Page — essays, artists, discussion list or

• International Lab for Unstable Media - VR and interactive media

• International Society for Electronic Arts (ISEA)

• Arizona State University, The Institute for Studies in the Arts;

• Research centre which focuses in the development of instruments and tools for electronic performance (e.g. BigEye, Image/ine, etc.

• Interactive Electronic Music Primer


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