They were Always Present  (1998)

Devised by Sarah Rubidge in collaboration with dancers from Ndere, Footsteps, Namasagali College and other dancers



They Are Always Present was created during a two week workshop with a group of Ugandan dancers, some specialising in traditional dance, some  specialiZing in Modern Dance.    The dancers were interested in developing new choreographic approaches to their work, expanding their repertoire of ways of creating narratives through dance, and in developing an understanding of different ways of using the body.

They Are Always Present was a large scale promenade work.  It  featured several short dance vignettes, choreographed by the dancers, interwoven with traditional dances from various Ugandan tribal cultures.  These were set in a loosely structured narrative framework. The performers used autobiographical stories using the ever present notion of a dialogue between their everyday world and the spirit world as starting points for their individual dances.   This theme was continued throughout the work with dances using old tribal tales juxtaposed against dances which told of personal experiences of the dancers which echoed those ancient ideas.


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