Journeying (1997)


Devised by Sarah Rubidge in Collaboration with members of Ndere, Footsteps, Namasagali College, and other dancers


Journeying was a promenade dance work made with a group of Ugandan dancers, some specializing in traditional dance, some specializing in Modern Dance.  The two groups worked separately for one week and came together to build a full-scale performance out of the materials they had developed during their respective workshops.  Each focused on developing their work in their own dance form.  The modern dancers also had class every day to introduce them to new ways of moving.

The theme of the piece was  journeys.  Each dancer told a story of a journey (physical, psychological. cultural  or social) they had made during their lives.  Several stories were selected and used by the dancers to build short narrative dances.  In the final performance two or three of these dances were  presented simultaneously, allowing the treatment of similar themes by traditional and modern dancers to resonate with each other.   The new dances were interwoven with carefully chosen dances from Ugandan tribal dance traditions.  These dances traced a pathway through several rites of passage, from social dances for young men and young women, through courtship to marriage, many of which were underlying themes of the stories told by the dancers.

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