Intimate Memories
Choreographed by Sarah Rubidge

Directed by Will Thorburn
Excerpt from G Love and Special Service
Video: Will Thorburn

Costume: Will Thorburn

Performers: Tanya Futter, Zoë Androutstopoulou, Will Thorburn

Performed at The Bonnie Bird Theatre. London, June 1998


Will Thorburn (x 2), Tanya Futter, Zoé Androutstopoulou





The fourth production of Intimate Memories was directed by Will Thorburn for one male and two female performers. Thorburn substituted a video projection of two performers executing some of the solo and duet material in a variety of outdoor locations for one of the live performers. The male peformer appeared both as a live performer and as a virtual performer in the video projection. The live female performer executed the movement material in a style quite alien to the original movement style (which drew on the principles of release techniques in its relaxed use of the joints and muscles). She performed with sharp clarity and extension of the limbs, drawing on a style more akin to a traditional modern dance style than to the original style in which the material was couched. The male performer and the 'virtual' female performer (who appeared only on the video projection), retained the broad characteristics of the original style.

The temporal progression of the duets differed from that of the three previous productions. The performers were costumed in everyday wear, the male wearing trousers and a shirt, the 'virtual' female, trousers and shirt or a dress, the live female performer an elegant black dress. The music for this production was 'rap' style.



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