Intimate Memories
Choreographed by Sarah Rubidge

Directed by Kate Thorngren

Costume: Kate Thorngren

Performed at The Bonnie Bird Theatre. London, June 1998


Karoline Schjerve, Pierre Akerstrom, Trude Jegstad


The third production of Intimate Memories was directed by Kate Thorngren. Kate mounted the piece on three dancers who did not share the training of the original cast. She drew out qualities of movement which bore a resemblance to those of the first production, but which had a very different emotional quality. She re-ordered the duets, omitted some of the movement material, and re-wrote one of the duets to make it a trio without altering the central spatial structures of the duet. The performers (two females and a male of Euro-African descent, were costumed in lycra dresses (for the women) and singlet and trousers (for the man). The performers used more of the stage space, but retained the topography of the duets as a whole.


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