Halo in Performance (1998)

Installation: Simon Biggs

Choreography: Sarah Rubidge, in collaboration with the performers

Soundscape: Stuart Jones

Performers: Sue Hawksley, Clair Luiten, Luca Sylvestrini

Performed at Fabrica, Duke Street, Brighton, England, November 27th and 28th 1998.



Halo: The Installation
Halo in Performance



Simon Biggs' installation Halo features digitised images of the live performers and is mounted as an independent audience-directed interactive installation in which at given times structured performances can take place. Digitised video images of the performers are projected on to two 14m x 10m screens set opposite to each other in the installation space.


Halo in Performance is a work for 'cyberdancers' and live dancers. The performers use structured improvisation as a means of engaging in a dialogue with Halo.Each screen displays three independent digitised versions of each of the live dancers, creating nine cyberdancers on each screen. The cyberdancers perform simple movements sequences, walking, standing, 'flying', falling, which are combined and recombined into longer sequences. In the performance the digitised figures become integrated into the choreographic form as they respond to the movement of the live performers in the space in an on-going interactive interplay between live and digitised performers. The live performers simultaneously interact with each other. Because the structures of the improvisation have been designed for the installation intricate details of the installation which may not be accessed in regular viewer interactions are brought into focus as the performances take place.


Chapter 7 of Sarah Rubidge's PhD thesis "A Choreographic and Theoretical Enquiry into the Identity of the Open Work" (2000) contains full details of the research process involved in developing this piece.



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