Thai Tracings

by Sarah Rubidge (Sound: Alan Stones)

International Performing Arts Festival, Bangkok University, Bangkok, Thailand

February 1st - 3rd 2013


Example of Thai Tracings in action

(This imagery was taken direct from the Thai Tracings Isadora program)





Sample of Thai Tracings digital image system in action



This imagery shows how different 'scenes' in the installation can be imbued with different meanings when the digital dancers are overlaid on, or juxtaposed with scenes of contemporary life. It sets this against scenes that feature only the digital dancers, allowing the sensations generated by their emphemerality to be experienced.

This video clip shows a sample of the original imagery that was projected on the string curtains that lined the walls of the installation space. All 3 screens of the projection were combined into a single digital image to facilitate the use of only one projector for the installation. This allowed for the 3 screens to be 'choreographed' spatially and temporarily. It will be noted that the images on the left and right have been distorted spatially to accommodate the distortions caused by the angle of the left and right projection surfaces which are sited on the side walls.



Still Images of Thai Tracings

Video of Thai Tracings in situ


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