Intimate  Memories (1994)

Choreography:  Sarah Rubidge
(in collaboration with first cast: Ben  Wright, Athina Vahla, Dean Xavier, Brenton Surgenor)

Music: Bessie Smith  ( I've Been Mistreated; That man of Mine; Jazbo Brown from Memphis Town)

Costumes/Decor:   Sarah  Rubidge

Performed at the Bonnie Bird Theatre, London, November 1994



Performers: Ana Carson, Jemima Hadley, Will Thorburn


The first production of Intimate Memories,choreographed in collaboration with the performers and directed by the choreographer, was presented to the music of Bessie Smith. The cast comprised one female and two male performers. The costumes, shirts and trousers for all perfomers were in sepia tones. The lighting echoed this tonal range. The movement was fluid, the performers allowing their weight to work with, rather than against, gravity.  The emotional tenor was relaxed, non-confrontational.  


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