global drifts (2006)

A Distributed Digital Choreographic Event

by Sarah Rubidge and Hellen Sky, with Seunghye Kim, Hyojung Seo, and Stan Wijnans

Simultaneous performative events and digital projections within the framework of the accented body (dir. Cheryl Stock) performance event. Presented at the Brisbane Festival, on the Creative Industries Precinct, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, with global drifts satellite installations in the Siobhan Davies Studios, London and The Triad New Media Gallery, Seoul.

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global drifts (Brisbane) Portals 1 & 2
global drifts (London)
global drifts (Brisbane) Parade Ground
global drifts (Seoul)


global drifts was a live performative event, elements of which occurred simultaneously in Australia, Britain and South Korea. It linked new understandings of bodies and environments by connecting urban architectures and continents, and remote and present, live and virtual choreographies through fluid systems of streaming networks that spanned both local and global environments. It exploited the notion that 21st century arteries such as the internet, through which information, ideas and knowledge constantly flow between cultures, intensify the transforming effect of cultural exchange on ideas, physicalities and understanding. Through them new accents are created on our bodies and the environment as contact with new cultural sensibilities transform languages, notions of distance, time and place. Theoretically the piece continued my investigation of Deleuze and Guattari's theories concerning the underlying structures of distributed open-ended systems and explored notions concerning the impact of cultural exchange on human beings' physicalities.


global drifts comprised three ‘choreographic’ events, global drifts (Brisbane), a durational digital performance event; global drifts (London), a live videocapture installation linked to the Brisbane event via the internet, and global drifts (Seoul), an interactive installation linked to Brisbane and London via the internet. global drifts (Brisbane) was a durational event created by Sarah Rubidge and Hellen Sky, which was inextricably interwoven with a multi-sited site-specific performance event entitled accented body (dir. Cheryl Stock). Sarah Rubidge also created global drifts (London). This piece, and global drifts (Seoul) served as supplementary international 'portals' to the portals which featured in the Brisbane event.

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global drifts was created using Isadora, Max/MSP and Jitter


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