3over9 (work-in-progress)

Digital Projections and interactive programming:  Simon Biggs
Interactive Sound and BigEye:  Stuart Jones

Choreography Sarah Rubidge

Performers: Sue Hawksley, Claire Luiten, Luca Sylvestrini

Developed during Digital Dancing research lab at Riverside Studios, London, November 1997



Example of interaction between performers and digital figures
Example of interaction between performers and digital figures



3over9 was the result of a two week collaborative research investigation conducted by Simon Biggs, Stuart Jones and Sarah Rubidge.  One of the central aims of the choreographic research was to explore the possibilities, and difficulties, afforded by the establishment of a three-way dialogue between three independently interactive systems, one controlling visual images, one controlling sound  and one providing the framework for a choreographic event. Each system operated under its own set of 'rules for behaviour'.

The performance space was bounded by a large screen upon which the digital imagery plays. The space itself was electronically sensitized, and the sound controlled, by BigEye.  The visual images were controlled by a programme written in Director.   The movement of the performers in the space were tracked by BigEye, and activated a synchronous dialogue between performers,  sound and images. The performance was executed within the confines of a structured improvisation (the choreographic interactive 'system'), developed by Sarah Rubidge in dialogue with the performers, which comprised a set of rules generated through an active dialogue with the visual and sonic interactive system.

This research project was succeeded by Bigg's installation Halo, and Halo in Performance



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