Hidden Histories (2001)

A responsive digital installation

by Joseph Hyde and Sarah Rubidge

The Atrium, Theatre Royal, Winchester, November 2001



From time to time live video images of visitors to the installation site were projected on the walls. At other times the projections were of prerecorded and treated video imagery, which reference the history of the site. The liver imagery was sometimes overlaid with the prerecorded imagery, the latter becoming, in the process, a mere trace of its former self. A non-linear sonic environment (created by Joseph Hyde) referenced the sounds of both the ancient and modern site played throughout.

The installation was created in Image/ine, a non-linear audio-visual processing programme developed by Steim in the Nederlands, which can be programmed to display and manipulate pre-recorded imagery and sound, and to manipulate live video images in real-time. As a result images of both contemporary visitors and past inhabitants of the site of the Theatre Royal Winchester appear both successively and simultaneously as if through the fabric of the building. Because the live imagery can be delayed, slowed down, colours changed, etc. viewers might see their actions displayed as if they come from the past on the wall of the atrium as they entered the installation space.

Image/ine is used in conjunction with Max/MSP, a non-linear programme which, in this piece, accesses the imagery randomly, the installation reveals both a constantly changing ambience, and many different histories of the site.



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