Thai Tracings

by Sarah Rubidge (Sound: Alan Stones)

International Performing Arts Festival, Bangkok University, Bangkok, Thailand

February 1st - 3rd 2013



Example of Thai Tracings in situ, with members of the public encountering themselves on the installation screens







Sample of Thai Tracings live video capture system in action



This short piece of video shows documentation of the installation in situ showing the effect on the digital imagery when projected onto fine string curtains. These curtains generated the 'felt' texture of the installation environment, the slightly diffused projections generating a more experiential feeling as the installation imagery danced.

In this video first a member of the public is seen dancing with a video image of himself and with the digital dancers that inhabit the installation (The 'fire encased' image on the left shows an image of that dancer embraced by fire, echoing images of the digital dancers that appears from time to time in other sets of imagery). This is followed by an example of digital dancers only, revealing the way in which the digital imagery of dancers is choreographically structured across the screen in the installation. Finally non-dancing members of the public enter the installation and encounter a live video capture scene. They are later joined spontaneously by the earlier dancer.

None of these participants had previously encountered a choreographic installation using real time life video capture. The 'live' sections of the installation proved to be very popular with visitors from 6 years to 70, some computer buffs and games players, some academics, some dancers. All responded differently, picking up on the elements of the installation that had piqued their interest, whther tehse were simply seeing themsleves, udnerstanding the technology, dancing with a digital other, or understanding how the ideas underlying the installation were being articulated .




Still Images of Thai Tracings

Video Images of Thai Tracings


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