Video Samples of global drifts digital imagery (created in Isadora)

The digital imagery used for the global drifts projections is derived from raw video footage of human movement, including movement used in the live performances, the movement of clouds, water and other natural phenomena that helped to transport human being around the world, data from air traffic and imagery from non-terrestrial phenomena such as stars, planets, etc.

Below are examples of successions of images that appeared on individual portals and large screens. Each individual image is accessed by the non-linear system randomly, allowing for a co-incidental display of images in unison on two or more screens, or in canon, or the display of separate images on each screen.

Start and stop movies or advance when desired using the Quicktime Controller


global drifts: Example of Portal images (8 mins)

global drifts: Second example of Portal images (4' 48")
global drifts: Example 1: digital imagery for Ether Performance (6 mins)
global drifts: Example 2: image systems for large screens (6' 27"")
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global drifts was created using Isadora, Max/MSP and Jitter


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