global drifts: Video Images of global drifts performances featuring digital imagery

Live and Virtual choreographies captured during the course of the global drifts performance event, Brisbane festival 2006

Start and Stop movies or advance when desired using the Quicktime Controller



global drifts: sample of abstract digital imagery dispalyed on Parade Ground Screens and Portal 3 at start of accented body event

global drifts: simultaneous display on Parade Ground Screens of simultaneoulsy generated live digital imagery generated by 2 global drifts performance vignettes taking place in two parts of the site not visible to each other.
live interactive global drifts performance event with interactive digital imagery and sound.
global drifts performers engaging with digital imagery on Portal 6 (in centre of Parade Ground) during Living Lens performance.


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global drifts was created using Isadora, Max/MSP and Jitter


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