global drifts (Brisbane)


The durational event global drifts in Brisbane both created the connectivity between the multiple performance events (Prescient Terrain, Ether, Shadows, Living Lens, and Dissolving Presences) that comprised accented body and presented a discrete interactive performance as part of the larger event. In global drifts live and virtual performers, and carefully choreographed digital images distributed themselves across the vast Creative Industries site at the Queensland University of Technology for the 90 minutes duration of the accented body event. Multiple systems of imagery composed in a non-linear structure flowed across the QUT Creative Industries Precinct, reactivating sites that had had previously been enlivened by an Accented Body performance event and creating new miniature performance events in hidden corners of the Precinct. The virtual imagery, which used imagery from each of the Accented Body events, including live imagery from global drifts, was projected onto 9 independent projection surfaces scattered around the Creative Industries precinct. These ranged from the Block Screen and Parade Ground screens (which constituted the side walls of large buildings) to round portals distributed across the Creative Industries Precinct. Both live and virtual imagery served variously as harbingers of events to come within the Accented Body event, memories of events that had passed through the Precinct during Accented Body and performative events in their own right, and drew the audiences attention through the site, both as an indicator of pathways to follow, or a reminder of places that they had already passed through.



global drifts digital imagery on the Block screen, overlooking the Ether performance site
global drifts interactive performance event with live digital Imagery projected onto the Parade Ground Screens
global drifts interconnected live and digital imagery on Portal 3


global drifts (Brisbane) included a choreographed interactive performance event, performed by Liz Lea and Bridget Fiske and choreographed by Hellen Sky with digital imagery and sound by Hyojung Seo and Seunghye Kim. Here the performers simultaneously generated and transformed sound and projected imagery of themselves through their movement. This event was embedded in the durational distributed digital choreography that constituted global drifts. The digital imagery hovered simultaneously on at least 5 of the screens, sometimes all 9 , moving back and forth from screen to screen to create an everchanging canvas of moving imagery throughout the Accented Body performance event. As it did so it enlivened the pathways that the audience travelled as they moved through the Precinct in search of performances, events and installations to explore.



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global drifts was created using Isadora, Max/MSP.and Jitter


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